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Bridging Innovation with Agricultural Expertise


At SAIRS, our commitment extends beyond the realm of traditional agricultural imaging. With years of
experience in law enforcement and a background deeply rooted in agriculture, our founder is actively
embedded in the daily operations of a working farm.

In the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture, SAIRS integrates a spectrum of data sources, including
yield data, GPS data, application data, and imagery. This hands-on involvement allows SAIRS to conduct its
own research and development, focusing on practical applications of precision agriculture. Serving as a
bridge between emerging technologies and agricultural producers, our team evaluates, tests, and
troubleshoots cutting-edge technologies to ensure they seamlessly integrate into the day-to-day workings of
large-acre grain operations.


What We Do 

Variable rate application maps, forensic agrology, wildlife damage documentation, Ag data management,
Agricultural research and field trial management, agricultural AI dataset collection, drone services, and
precision agriculture training.


Phone: (306) 621-8618

Email: shearerag@outlook.com

Address: Yorkton

NAICS code: 115110

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