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Rafter AJ Therapeutics

Healing from the inside out


Rafter AJ Therapeutics is all about healing from the inside out and feeling your best so you can do your best. I offer Equine massage therapy and chiropractics as well as Magna Wave PEMF therapy that is used on humans, small animals and large animals! Pulsating Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy increases the oxygen in the blood within the body to help decrease the toxins within the blood stream to increase healing and recovery. Located in Meadow Lake but also travel around the province as well!


What We Do 

  • Equine massage
  • Equine chiropractics
  • Magna Wave sessions for humans, small animals and large animals


Phone: (306) 240-7242

Email: ashley-wood@live.ca

Address: Meadow Lake

NAICS code: 812190

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