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Prince Albert Security Services

We are a highly trained security service located in Prince Albert. We are here to correct the way security has ran for years.


We are a newer Security Service in Prince Albert. We have built this company to help fight the crimes that occur within residential and business properties.

We are a more hands on company and we continually train to encounter all problems that may occur. We have a friendly staff with great customer services, and we are a professional service.

We are changing the ways security are and approaching it with a more pro active approach such as preventing the problems before they even occur.


What We Do 

  • Services we provide are:
  • Hotel security
  • Mall security
  • Retail security
  • Loss prevention
  • Construction security
  • Event security
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Foot patrol
  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Process serving
  • And more!


Phone: (306) 960-6896

Email: r.reimer.pass@gmail.com

Address: 0471 - 1403 Central Ave, Prince Albert

NAICS code: 561612

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