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DLD Builders Inc.

Specializing in Commercial & Residential Construction along with Fabric Structures.


We are a General Contracting company who has been in business since 1997 and incorporated since 2203. We have been performing Residential ; Commercial ; Industrial construction work for the most part. We have done some oil and gas along with forestry mulching also.

We presently Service and build in all 3 industries, (residential,commercial,industrial).We also supply (RTM) Housing and Engineered steel buildings and itegrated fabric structures and Air structures such as Soccer & Golf Domes.

We take pride in what we do and have a crew of Red seal workers on staff with over 20 years experience serving the First Nations and remote communities along with working with larger companies in city projects. We have had workers apprentice under our trades and worked with SIIT on training programs in the past.

What We Do 

We Service and Install; Residential; Commercial; Industrial construction projects from Sub-contracting to General contracting through out western Canada.

We supply Engineered Buildings; Residential RTM or Pre-fab Homes; Integrated Steel Fabric Buildings (coverall fabric) along with the supply of Air Structures such as SOCCER & GOLF DOMES


Phone: (306) 441-4444

Email: dldbuilders@sasktel.net

Address: Box 396, Glaslyn

NAICS code: 236220

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